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Fig. 2

From: Impact of demographic disparities in social distancing and vaccination on influenza epidemics in urban and rural regions of the United States

Fig. 2

Compliance probability distributions determined by the Multinomial logit model, for the three protective behaviors (vaccination, social distancing, both vaccination and social distancing) across age and income groups present in the survey. The x-axis shows age and income group combinations. Ages are marked on the axis and the interval between two successive age marks is divided into 19 income groups (from less than 5000 USD to greater than 175,000 USD) belonging to that age. The income groups are not marked for the lack of space. The y-axis shows the compliance probability in a stacked bar format where the length of a colored bar represents the compliance probability for the intervention represented by the corresponding color. The plot shows that the overall compliance towards preventive behaviors increases with age

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