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Table 4 Association between biofilm production on polystyrene and biofilm related genes

From: Comparative study of virulence factors among methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus clinical isolates

Genes Moderately bioflm producers (n=23) Highly biofilm producers (n=20) P (univariate analysis) P (multivariate analysis)
MSCRAMMs genes fnbA+ 14/23 18/20 0,001a 0,040
fnbB+ 2/23 6/20 0,002a 0,003
cna+ 15/23 17/20 0,154a 0,981
Biofilm production control genes icaA+ 13/23 17/20 0,143a 0,661
icaD+ 14/23 13/20 0,546 -
  1. a Factor studied in mutivariate analysis