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Fig. 1

From: Whole blood profiling of leprosy type 1(reversal) reactions highlights prominence of innate immune response genes

Fig. 1

Gene expression of whole blood leukocytes in patients with RR as compared to patients without leprosy reactions. A group of genes differentially expressed in RR samples was identified, consisting of 1 chemokine gene (CCL2 logFC = 4.04), 2 PARK genes (PARK logFC =3.27, LRRK2 logFC =3.09), 1 eicosanoid metabolism gene (ALOX5 logFC =2.99), 4 pattern recognition receptor genes (Toll-like receptors -TLRs: TLR7 logFC =2.98, TLR10 logFC =3.07, TLR3 logFC =2.74, and C-lectin receptors-CLRs: CLEC5A logFC =2.81), 2 cytokine genes (IL18 logFC =2.34, IL15 logFC = 2.42) and 2 type I IFN genes (IFNB logFC =2.36, OAS1 logFC = 2.51)

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