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Fig. 5

From: Rapid and sensitive detection of Yersinia pestis by lateral-flow assay in simulated clinical samples

Fig. 5

Sensitivity assess of F1/Y. pestis in various matrices. F1 protein/Y. pestis spiked into three simulated samples were assayed by Yersinia F1-strips. All the samples were diluted in the control reagents such as (a). human serum: 1:5 dilutions in PCB; Left: Y. p. test; Right: F1 test. (b). mouse blood: 1:10 dilutions in normal saline; Left: Y. p. test; Right: F1 test. (c). mouse BAL: 1:10 dilutions in normal saline. The human serum had the same detection limit (103 CFU/ml and 4 ng/ml) as that in PCB; while for mouse blood and BAL, the detection sensitivity has decreases to some extent. (NC: normal saline control)

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