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Fig. 1

From: T. marneffei infection complications in an HIV-negative patient with pre-existing pulmonary sarcoidosis: a rare case report

Fig. 1

a Past chest CT scan (February 20, 2015) showing bilateral lung diffuse miliary nodules. b Chest CT scan on day 10 before hospital admission (March 31, 2017) showing plaques and nodules disseminated throughout the bilateral lung. c Chest CT scan on day 2 of hospital admission (April 12, 2017) showing bilateral lung diffuse miliary nodules, multiple patchy exudative shadows in the bilateral superior lobes and right inferior lobes, and an air bronchogram in the consolidation of the right superior lobe. d Chest CT scan during follow-up (July 18, 2017) showing the absorption of lesions and nodules

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