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Fig. 3

From: Spoligotyping based genetic diversity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Ethiopia: a systematic review

Fig. 3

Distribution of M. tuberculosis lineages using spoligotyping across regions of Ethiopia. The lineages identified were: Lineage 1 (L-1) or Indo-Oceanic (IO), L-2 or East Asian (EA), L-3 or East African India (EAI) and L-4 or Euro-American (EUA), L-7 or Ethiopian and Unknown (U). The predominant lineages identified from almost all regions of the country were L-4. The Ethiopian L-7 was mainly identified from Amhara region and there was no data from Gambella region and very few strains (four) belongs to L-3 from Tigray region and one strain each belongs to L-4 from Dire Dawa city and Harari region. AA: Addis Ababa, AM: Amhara, AF: Afar, BG: Benishangul-Gumz, DD: Dire Dawa, HR: Harari, OR: Oromia, SNNPR: South Nation and Nationalities Peoples’, SM: Somali and TG: Tigray. Proportions of total lineages identified in Ethiopia namely; L-1 (7.1%), L-2 (0.2%), L-3 (23.0%), L-4 (64.8%) and L-7 (4.1%)

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