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Table 4 Household contacts’ reasons for non-attendance of PHC facilities and perceived facilitators of clinical evaluation for TB

From: Household contact non-attendance of clinical evaluation for tuberculosis: a pilot study in a high burden district in South Africa

Reason for non-attendance of clinical evaluation n = 45 %
 Difficulty to get to get time off other duties (e.g. work, school) 20 44.4
 Perceived inability to produce sputum for assessment 7 15.6
 Lack of transport 5 11.1
 Travel commitments 5 11.1
 Long queues at clinic 4 8.9
 PHC facility staff perceived as unhelpful 4 8.9
Facilitators of clinical evaluation n = 8 %
 Becoming ill (with TB) 3 37.5
 Sensitisation about TB screening and evaluation 2 25.0
 Shorter waiting times at clinics 2 25.0
 Being encouraged by someone 1 12.5