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Table 1 Demographic and behavioural characteristics of the 990 men who attended the Melbourne Sexual Health Centre with their male partner on the same day and were tested for both anorectal and pharyngeal gonococci by culture

From: Concordance of gonorrhoea of the rectum, pharynx and urethra in same-sex male partnerships attending a sexual health service in Melbourne, Australia

Characteristics Median (IQR) Yes/total; %yes
Age (years) 28 (24 to 34)
Age difference (years) between partners 4 (2 to 9)
HIV positive 37/990 (4%)
Consistent condom use for RAI with RSP* 350/905 (39%)
Consistent condom use for RAI with CSP* 733/894 (82%)
Consistent condom use for IAI with RSP* 335/899 (37%)
Consistent condom use for IAI with CSP* 716/893 (80%)
Reported one or more CSP for AI in last 3 months 440/990 (44%)
Number of CSP in last 3 months for those with CSP. 3 (2 to 5)
  1. IQR = interquartile range; RAI = receptive anal intercourse; IAI = insertive anal intercourse; RSP = regular sexual partner; CSP = casual sexual partner
  2. *Consistent condoms use at all times or no anal sex, in the last 3 months