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Fig. 2

From: Impact of HPV vaccination with Gardasil® in Switzerland

Fig. 2

Segmented logistic regression of the yearly proportion of vaccine-type HPV in 3869 HPV-positive sub-study-2 outpatients from 1999 till 2015. Genotypes were determined with the PGMY-CHUV assay and corrected for HPV68a bias (see Methods), and restricted to those 26 shared with the Anyplex™ II HPV28 kit. A significant (p < 0.001) reduction of the yearly proportion of the four vaccine-type HPV among shared HPV genotypes is evident only in the outpatients aged <26 after the breakpoint year (2009). For the other age groups the breakpoint year was not associated with a significant variation of the odds ratio (p > 0.2) (Additional file 5)

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