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Fig. 1

From: Human T-lymphotropic virus 1aA circulation and risk factors for sexually transmitted infections in an Amazon geographic area with lowest human development index (Marajó Island, Northern Brazil)

Fig. 1

Rooted phylogenetic tree, showing the evolutionary relationship of human T-lymphotropic virus 1 strains described thus far including newly sequenced isolates from the present study BRPA_146 [MG321560] and BRPA_180 [MG321561]). The tree was constructed by the Bayesian method after alignment of 437 nucleotides of the 5’LTR region. The Mel5 isolate was used as outgroup. The statistical support was applied using 1000 bootstrap replicates. Cosmopolitan group: Transcontinental (subgroup A), Japanese (subgroup B), West African (subgroup C), North African subgroups (subgroup D). Geographical origin and ethnic origin are described in italics between parenthesis

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