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Fig. 3

From: Spatial prediction and validation of zoonotic hazard through micro-habitat properties: where does Puumala hantavirus hole – up?

Fig. 3

Number of years when infected bank voles were trapped per season and phase of the population cycle. Data were available for three cycles, two 3-year cycles (including fall 2003–fall 2008; fall 2013) and one 4-year cycle (2009–2012). We excluded year 2012, which was the only “low” phase in our study (but see Additional file 2), and thus values ranged between zero and three. The photos (a and b) show examples of plots where (a) infected bank voles were not trapped in either season over the study period, and in (b) infected bank voles were frequently trapped. The plot in (a) is an open mire and lacks habitat properties related to structure and cover, whereas the plot in (b) is rich in large holes. Photo Copyright: Magnus Magnusson

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