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Fig. 3

From: SOFIA®RSV: prospective laboratory evaluation and implementation of a rapid diagnostic test in a pediatric emergency ward

Fig. 3

Study 2. Weekly distribution of nasopharyngeal swabs and their virological outcomes in infants (≤2 y/o) in the pediatric emergency department. Different colors correspond to different results of virological tests. Dark blue and green squares correspond to SOFIA®RSV negative (Group 1), with no viruses detected by PCR (dark blue) and PCR positive for other viruses than RSV (green), yellow squares correspond to SOFIA®RSV negative and PCR positive for RSV (Group 2) and red squares correspond to SOFIA®RSV positive (Group 3). The blue curve represents the total number of infants admitted in the emergency department (for medical and surgical emergencies) and the orange curve corresponds to the number of infants admitted for medical reasons

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