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Fig. 1

From: Pneumonia caused by extensive drug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii among hospitalized patients: genetic relationships, risk factors and mortality

Fig. 1

Population snapshot of A. baumannii in this study and other existing isolates in China. Population snapshot of A. baumannii in this study and existing isolates in China based on the data contained in the Pubmlst database as of 27 April 2013 [5, 18] represented by an eBURST algorithm. Circles represent STs, and their sizes correspond to the numbers of isolates. The red circle represents the founder ST (ST92). The broken line indicates clonal complex (CC) 92. The ST labels are coloured as follows: black, STs found only in the Pubmlst database; green, STs found only in this study; and purple, STs found in both the Pubmlst database and this study. ST254, STn3, STn4, STn6 and STn7 were the singletons in this study

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