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Table 5 Univariate Poisson Regression Analysis of the Factors Associated with CRBSI; N = 408

From: Incidence of and factors associated with catheter-related bloodstream infection in patients with advanced solid tumors on home parenteral nutrition managed using a standardized catheter care protocol

Variables Univariate model
IRR (95% CI)
Type of VAD
 Port (reference)  
 PICC 1.3 (0.36–4.7)
 TCC 1.9 (0.14–27.2)
 Female (reference)  
 Male 1.1 (0.33–3.9)
SGA at HPN Start
 Well-nourished (reference)  
 Moderately malnourished 0.94 (0.22–4.1)
 Severely malnourished 2.3 (0.53–10.1)
ECOG performance status
 0–2 (reference)  
 3–5 1.04 (0.25–4.3)
Stage at diagnosis
 Non-metastatic (reference)  
 Metastatic 2.0 (0.59–6.7)
Age at HPN Start (years) 0.99 (0.93–1.1)
BMI at HPN Start (kg/m2) 1.005 (0.9–1.1)
Albumin at HPN start (g/dl)
  > =3.5 g/dl (reference)  
  < 3.5 g/dl 2.7 (0.47–15.5)
  1. BMI body mass index, CI confidence interval, CRBSI catheter-related bloodstream infection, ECOG Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group, g/dl grams per deciliter, HPN home parenteral nutrition, IRR incidence rate ratio, kg/m 2 kilograms per meter squared, PICC peripherally inserted central catheter, SGA Subjective Global Assessment, TCC tunneled central catheter, VAD venous access device