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Table 2 Baseline patient characteristics (Continuous Variables); N = 335

From: Incidence of and factors associated with catheter-related bloodstream infection in patients with advanced solid tumors on home parenteral nutrition managed using a standardized catheter care protocol

Characteristic Mean (SD) Median Range
Age (years) at start of HPN 53.7 (9.3) 55.2 22.8–84.5
Weight (kg) at start of HPN 69.2 (18.2) 67.7 31–145.4
BMI (kg/m2) at start of HPN 24.2 (6.2) 23.1 12.2–57.1
Albumin (g/dl) at start of HPN 2.7 (0.64) 2.7 0.9–5.9
HPN Duration (days) 87.7 (108.4) 54 0–972
  1. BMI body mass index, g/dl grams per deciliter, HPN home parenteral nutrition, kg kilograms, kg/m 2 kilograms per meter squared, SD standard deviation