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Table 1 Case reports on extra-pulmonary and extra-cranial cryptococcal abscess

From: Disseminated cryptococcosis with recurrent multiple abscesses in an immunocompetent patient: a case report and literature review

Case Presentation Diagnosis Management
Pattern Comorbidities   
Al-Tawfiq JA et al. 2007 [3] Vertebral abscess, Lung lesion?a Axillary lymph nodes TB Pus culture: Positive SCLATb: Negative Surgical excision of vertebral abscess Fluconazole
Singh R et al. 2010 [4] Psoas abscess sternum & vertebral involved Pulmonary TB Abortion Varicella infection FNACc: Positive SCLAT: Positive Amphotericin B
Gaskill T et al. 2010 [5] Soft tissue abscess, Lung & Mediastinal lymph nodes involved Remote history of depression Biopsy: Positive SCLAT: Positive Tissue culture: Positive Surgical excision of thigh abscess Fluconazole
Suchitha S et al. 2012 [6] Soft tissue & cerebral abscess, Lung involved Diabetes FNAC: Positive Sputum culture: Positive No surgery Fluconazole & Amphotericin B
Lenz D et al. 2015 [7] Subcutaneous abscess None Tissue culture: Positive SCLAT: Negative Surgical incision without anti-fungal drug
  1. aThe tissue cultures found only Cryptococcus in vertebral abscess and M. tuberculosis in axillary lymph nodes. The patient had no productive cough and thus sputum cultures were not obtained. The pathogen of pulmonary lesion remains unclear
  2. bSCLAT: Serum Cryptococcus Latex Agglutination Test
  3. cFNAC: Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology