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Fig. 4

From: Assessing real-time Zika risk in the United States

Fig. 4

Texas county ZIKV risk assessment. a Probability of an outbreak with at least two reported autochthonous ZIKV cases. b The probability of epidemic expansion at the moment the second autochthonous ZIKV case is reported in a county. White counties never reach two reported cases across all 10,000 simulated outbreaks; light gray counties reach two cases, but never experience epidemics. c Recommended county-level surveillance triggers (number of reported autochthonous cases) indicating that the probability of epidemic expansion has exceeded 50%. White counties indicate that fewer than 1% of the 10,000 simulated outbreaks reached two reported cases. All three maps assume a 20% reporting rate and a baseline importation scenario for August 2016 (81 cases statewide per 90 days) projected from historical arbovirus data.

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