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Table 1 Clinical measurements and collection of biomaterial

From: Copenhagen comorbidity in HIV infection (COCOMO) study: a study protocol for a longitudinal, non-interventional assessment of non-AIDS comorbidity in HIV infection in Denmark

Measurements Description
Anthropometry Height: Stadiometer (Soehnle, Nassau, Germany) without shoesa Weight: Scale (Soehnle, Nassau, Germany) without shoes or heavy clothinga Waist and hip circumference: Measuring tape (SECA, Birmingham, UK)a
Ankle-brachial index Doppler (Sonotrax Basic A, Edan, San Diego, CA, U.S.)a
Blood pressure IntelliVue MP5SC (Philips, Amsterdam, Netherlands)a
Electrocardiogram Cardiosoft V6.73 (GE Healthcare, Buckinghamshire, UK)a
Spirometry EasyOne® ultrasonic spirometer (ndd Medical, Zürich, Switzerland)a
eNO NIOX VERO® (Aerocrine AB, Solna, Sweden)c
Transient elastography Fibroscan (Fibroscan 402, EchosensTM, Paris, France)a
CT scans CT angiography, CACS, CT chest, CT upper abdomen (Aquillion One scanner, Toshiba Medical Systems, Otawara-shi, Tochigi-ken, Japan)a
Blood (non-fasting) Peripheral venous blood: Buffy coata, PBMCb, plasmaa, seruma
Urine (spot, non-fasting) Collected in sterile polypropylene tube (Sarstedt, Nürnbrecht, Germany)c
Stool (non-fasting) Collected in polypropylene tube (Sarstedt, Nürnbrecht, Germany)c
  1. aCollected uniformly in the Copenhagen Co-morbidity in HIV infection (COCOMO) Study cohort and in the Copenhagen general population study (CGPS). bCollected in the COCOMO study cohort only. cCollected uniformly in a subsample of the COCOMO cohort and in the CGPS, see text
  2. Abbreviations: CACS coronary artery calcium score, CT computed tomography, eNO exhaled nitric oxide and PBMC peripheral blood mononuclear cells. See Methods for further details