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Table 1 Characteristics and Quality assessment of studies included in the review

From: Performance of point-of-care CD4 testing technologies in resource-constrained settings: a systematic review and meta-analysis

First author, year Study population/Study setting Study design/Sample size Sample Intervention Comparison Study qualitya
Rathunde, 2014 [37] Adult HIV patients at specialized ambulatory facilities in academic tertiary care hospital in Curitiba, Brazil Cross-sectional (N = 107) Venous Alere Pima™ CD4 (Pima) FACSCalibur 9
Galiwango, 2014 [49] HIV infected patients (pre and experienced ART persons) at field clinics in Rakai, Uganda Cross-sectional (N = 903) Venous Pima FACSCalibur 10
van Rooyen, 2013 [15] Known HIV-positive individuals older than 18 years in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa (SA) Prospective cohort (N = 671) Capillary (Pima); venous (FACSCalibur) Pima FACSCalibur Moderate
Myer, 2013 [45] HIV infected pregnant women at a single large antenatal clinic in Cape Town, SA Cross-sectional (N = 546) Venous Pima Beckman-Coulter PLG technology 8
Mnyani, 2012 [51] HIV infected pregnant women at first ANC visit to Chiawelo clinic in Johannesburg, SA Cross-sectional (N = 305) Capillary (Pima); venous (Ref. tests) Pima Beckman Coulter Flow Cytometer 10
Mwau, 2013 [53] Patients attending 9 health facilities (for HIV treatment and care) offering CD4 count in Kenya Cross-sectional (N = 1539) Venous (Pima & reference methods); capillary (Pima) Pima FACSCount, Partec Cy-flow, GUAVA and FACSCalibur 8
Glencross, 2012 [22] Adult HIV patients attending (1) Hospital based antenatal HCT clinic in Johannesburg-phase II (2) Two Primary health care HCT clinic in Limpopo province-phase IIIA; and (3) Inner-city primary health care clinic in Johannesburg, South Africa-phase IIIB Cross-sectional (N = 91; N = 96; N = 139) Venous and capillary Pima Simplified single platform (SP) PLG CD4 12
Thakar, 2012 [36] HIV positive patients aged 18–60 attending 21 ART centers in different parts of India Cross-sectional (N = 1790) Venous and capillary Pima FACSCalibur; FACSCount; Partec CyFlow 12
Manabe, 2012 [46] HIV infected patients at Adult Infectious Diseases Institute Clinic in Mulago Hospital, Kampala, Uganda Cross-sectional (N = 206) Venous and capillary Pima FACSCalibur 11
Jani, 2011 [39] HIV infected individuals attending 2 primary health care ART clinics in Maputo, Mozambique Cross-sectional (N = 697) Capillary (Pima); venous (Ref. tests) Pima FACSCalibur 7
Diaw, 2011 [44] Patients (adults & children; HIV +/−) presenting for HIV follow-up at three out-patient clinic & one lab in Dakar, Senegal Cross-sectional (N = 300) Venous (200 patients); capillary (finger/heel-prick) 100 patients Pima FACSCount 11
Mtapuri-Zinyowera, 2010 [50] Newly diagnosed HIV positive patients at a VCT center in Harare, Zimbabwe Cross-sectional (N = 165) Capillary (Pima); venous (Ref. tests) Pima FACSCalibur 11
Wade, 2014 [40] HIV infected patients presenting for routine CD4 testing at infectious disease clinic in Dar es Salam, Tanzania Cross-sectional (N = 200) Capillary (Pima); venous (Ref. tests) Pima FACSCalibur 11
Wade, 2013 [42] (Anonymous) HIV infected patients attending normal CD4 test monitoring and HIV-negative donors from blood bank of Regional Hospital and two Healthcare Centers in Ziguinchor, Senegal Cross-sectional (N = 128) Venous Pima FACSCount 11
Gous, 2013 [52] HIV infected patients > 18 years old visiting comprehensive care management and treatment clinic for ART initiation or monitoring at Tshwane District Hospital in Pretoria, SA Cross-sectional (N = 300) Capillary (Pima); venous (Ref. tests) Pima PLG CD4 FC 500 10
Malagun, 2014 [38] HIV infected adults >18 year old attending one urban (Heduru HIV clinic at Port Moresby General Hospital, Port Moresby) and 2 rural (Asaro District Health Centre and Kainantu Rural Hospital) clinics in Papua New Guinea Cross-sectional (N = 237) Venous Pima FACSCount 11
Picken, 2014 [43] HIV positive mother of children with CD4 count < 500 cells/μl and not on ART at Tygerberg hospital, Cape Town, SA Cross-sectional (N = 52) Capillary (Pima); venous (Ref. tests) Pima Beckman Coulter FC 500 MPL® 11
Mwau, 2014 [48] HIV infected patients ≥ 18 years old at Comprehensive clinics of 2 health care facilities in Busia county of Western province, Kenya Cross-sectional (N = 276) Capillary (Pima); venous (Ref. tests) MyT4 POC CD4 FACSCalibur and FACSCount 11
Gumbo, 2013 [41] HIV infected adult patients attending Harare Central hospital opportunistic infection clinic, Zimbabwe Cross-sectional (N = 104) Venous PointCare NOW BD FACSCalibur 9
Bergeron, 2012 [47] HIV infected adult patients; unknown HIV status; and HIV infected children aged 12–59 months attending: (1) the Instituto Nacional de Saude (INS) Maputo, Mozambique; (2) the Institute of Tropical Medicine of Antwerp (Belgium) in Tete, Mozambique; (3) Wits University, Johannesburg, SA Cross-sectional (N = 472) Venous PointCare NOW FACSCalibur and the EPICS- XL 8
Zeh, 2014 [35] HIV infected patients in Western Kenya Cross-sectional (N = 147) Venous and capillary Pima FACSCalibur -
Arnet N, 2013 [33] HIV infected patients from 5 PMTCT and HIV treatment sites in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania Cross-sectional (N = 1060) Venous and capillary Pima FACSCalibur -
  1. HCT HIV counseling and testing, ART Antiretroviral therapy, VCT Voluntary counseling and testing; PMTCT Prevention of mother to child transmission
  2. aStudy quality assessment using EPHPP tool (strong/moderate/weak), or QUADAS score (out of 14)