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Fig. 1

From: A cluster of KPC-2 and VIM-2-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae ST833 isolates from the pediatric service of a Venezuelan Hospital

Fig. 1

REP-PCR profiles of 19 isolates of bla VIM-2 and bla KPC-2-coharboring K. pneumoniae from a Public Venezuelan Hospital. Bands were visualized with ethidium bromide staining on a 1.0 % TBE agarose gel. M: Molecular Weight Marker 100 bp ladder (New England Biolabs®), line 1: ANZ1, line 2: ANZ2, line 3: ANZ3, line 4: ANZ4, line 5: ANZ5, line 6: ANZ6, line 7: ANZ7, line 8: ANZ8, line 9: ANZ9, line 10: ANZ10, line 11: ANZ11, line 12: ANZ12, line 13: ANZ13, line 14: ANZ14, line 16: ANZ16, line 17: ANZ17, line 18: ANZ18, line 19: ANZ19, line 21: ANZ21. The table to the right illustrates results from the bla KPC sequence analysis, MLST and sequence analysis of the nonconserved region of the Tn4401 element

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