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Table 2 HCV infection clinical care endpoints

From: A multidimensional education program at substance dependence treatment centers improves patient knowledge and hepatitis C care

Endpoints Definition
Patient referral rate Nr. of patient referred to liver specialista/Nr. of patients enrolled in the program
Attendance at referrals rate Nr. of patients with confirmed hospital visitb/Nr. of patient referred to liver specialist
Treatment proposal rate Nr. of treatment proposalsc/Nr. of referred patients with confirmed hospital visit
Treatment initiation rate Nr. of treatment initiationsd/Nr. of treatment proposals
Treatment retention rate Nr. patients that completed or maintained treatmente/Nr. patients that initiated treatment
  1. Nr number
  2. aPatient referrals = patients with a previous referral appointment scheduled at a liver specialist
  3. bPatients with confirmed hospital visit = Patients who referral resulted in a liver specialist appointment
  4. cTreatment proposal = treatment eligible patients who were proposed for treatment by the liver specialist
  5. dTreatment initiation = at least one medication intake confirmed by liver specialist
  6. eTreatment retention = patients that completed or were still on treatment, whichever occurred first