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Table 3 Serious adverse events (SAE) occurring in 6 patients under daptomycin-based antimicrobial therapy

From: Daptomycin > 6 mg/kg/day as salvage therapy in patients with complex bone and joint infection: cohort study in a regional reference center

Patient Dose (mg/kg/d) Additional antibiotic SAE SAE onset (days) Cmin at SAE onset (mg/L) Daptomycin withdrawal Companion drug withdrawal
1 8,8 Rifampicin* Neutropenia 73 NA Yes Yes
2 7,1 Rifampicin Hypereosinophilia 92 NA Yes No
3 8,4 Rifampicin Eosinophilic pneumonia, rhabdomyolysis 10 134 Yes Yes
4 8,7 Pristinamycin PICC thrombosis 12 NA Yes No
5 8,7 None Eosinophilic pneumonia 23 38 Yes NA
6 7,8 Linezolid Acute renal failure 8 NA Yes Yes
  1. In bold: SAE directly attributed to daptomycin
  2. NA Not available, PICC Peripherally inserted central catheter, SAE Serious adverse event
  3. *Rifampicin can induce both neutropenia and eosinophilia