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Figure 3

From: Nasal mucosal microRNA expression in children with respiratory syncytial virus infection

Figure 3

Nasal mucosal miRNA expression according to disease severity in infants infected withRespiratory syncytial virus. Note: Relative quantities of 4 miRNAs assessed for differential expression between disease severity subgroups. Results are calibrated to the mean of the control group, indicated by the dashed line at a relative quantity 100%. Plotted lines indicate the mean with 95% confidence interval for each group. Numbers in each group: control 19; mild 16; moderate 7; severe 19. For miR-125a there is downregulation in mild and moderate disease groups, but not in the severe group. For miR-429 there is a similar pattern, with downregulation in the mild group but not the severe group. One-way ANOVA, adjusted for a false discovery rate of 5%. * Dunnett’s post-hoc t-test after One-way ANOVA, in which mild, moderate and severe disease severity subgroups are compared individually to the control group, with correction for multiple testing. Up- or downregulation is therefore as compared to the control group.

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