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Figure 1

From: Nasal mucosal microRNA expression in children with respiratory syncytial virus infection

Figure 1

miRNA Microarray of nasal mucosa brushings in infants infected withRespiratory syncytial virus, compared to healthy controls. Note: Only miRNAs significant in the microarray (p < 0.05, adjusted for a false discovery rate of 5%) are shown. For each miRNA, results are calibrated to the mean of the control group for that miRNA. Number of samples: Control 13, Mild RSV disease 13; Severe RSV disease 14. miRNAs are grouped according to results of Limma analysis, as compared to the control group: Group A: Upregulation in RSV disease. Group B: Upregulation in severe disease; downregulation in mild disease. Group C: Downregulation in mild disease; not regulated in severe disease. Group D: Downregulation in RSV disease.

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