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Table 2 Genotyping results for the 50 cases in which the same species could be isolated from vagina and rectum of the same subject

From: Identification and genotyping of bacteria from paired vaginal and rectal samples from pregnant women indicates similarity between vaginal and rectal microflora

  Subjects, arranged per species V1a V2 V3 V4 R1 R2 R3 R4 V = Rc
  Lactobacillus crispatus          
1 RVS003 B b A   C    A   1
2 RVS011    A A    A   2
3 RVS013   A B     A   3
4 RVS020 A    B     C  
5 RVS023    A B    C   
6 RVS028 A    B    C D  
7 RVS043    A     A   4
8 RVS061 A A A A     A 5
9 RVS069 B A C A    A   6
10 RVS099 B   A      A 7
  Lactobacillus jensenii          
11 RVS015 B C D A   A    8
12 RVS019 B A C A D   E   
13 RVS022   A A B   A A   9
14 RVS023   A       B  
15 RVS038   A   B C     
16 RVS040   A B     C   
17 RVS057 B C A A    D   
18 RVS058 A A   A B     
19 RVS080 A   B A    B   10
20 RVS092     A     A 11
21 RVS093 A A   A     A 12
22 RVS097 C A B A    A   13
23 RVS111     A    A A 14
24 RVS113    A   B     
  Lactobacillus gasseri          
25 RVS024    A   A   A A 15
26 RVS025 B   A A    C   
27 RVS031   A A B     C  
28 RVS035 A A      A   16
29 RVS044    A     A   17
30 RVS051   A A     A   18
31 RVS054    A      A 19
32 RVS060    A   A     20
33 RVS072     A    A   21
34 RVS084 B    A     A 22
35 RVS090    A A    A A 23
36 RVS091 A    A    A B 24
37 RVS095   B A A     A 25
38 RVS109    A B    A   26
39 RVS110 A A B B    B A 27
40 RVS136 A A A A    A   28
  Streptococcus anginosus          
41 RVS003    A   B     
42 RVS058    A    A B   29
43 RVS068     A   A A   30
  Streptococcus agalactiae          
44 RVS027 B   A    A   A 31
45 RVS064 A A A A    A   32
46 RVS076   A   B C D    
  Enterococcus faecalis          
47 RVS086 A A A A A A A A 33
48 RVS122     B A A    
  Streptococcus salivarius          
49 RVS075     A     B  
  Bifidobacterium bifidum          
50 RVS033 A    A    A   34
  1. a: V: vaginal isolates 1-4, R: rectal isolates 1-4.
  2. b: Different genotypes are designated A, B, C, D or E per subject. Genotypic similarity/difference only relates to the other isolates of the same subject, i.e. genotype A of subject 1 does not indicate similarity to genotype A of subject 2.
  3. c: Women for which the genotype of at least one vaginal isolate was identical to that of at least one rectal isolate.