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Table 3 Sensitivity of the various disease classification systems in 152 patients with confirmed acute dengue virus infection.*

From: Dengue disease severity in Indonesian children: an evaluation of the World Health Organization classification system

Criteria used for the classification of DHF patients Number of patients with circulatory failure (n = 66) classified as DHF Sensitivity (95% CI)
WHO classification system 57 86 (76–94)
Bleeding and thrombocytopenia 59 89 (79–96)
Bleeding and haemoconcentration 58 88 (78–95)
Haemoconcentration and Thrombocytopenia 63 96 (87–99)
Bleeding and thrombocytopenia or haemoconcentration 60 91 (81–97)
Thrombocytopenia and haemoconcentration or bleeding 65 99 (92–100)
Haemoconcentration and bleeding or thrombocytopenia 64 97 (89–100)
  1. * n, denotes number; CI, denotes confidence interval; DF, denotes dengue fever; DHF, denotes dengue haemorrhagic fever; WHO, denotes World Health Organization.