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Table 5 Clinical course

From: The influenza pandemic preparedness planning tool InfluSim

  under 20 20 to 59 60 and older
Hospitalized fraction h a, r of untreated severe cases    
   low risk group (r = r 1) 0.187% 2.339% 3.560%
   high risk group (r = r 2) 1.333% 2.762% 7.768%
Case fatality d a of hospitalized cases 5.541% 16.531% 39.505%
  1. Independent of age a and risk group r, a fraction c a, r (A) = 33% of infections result in asymptomatic cases, a fraction c a, r (M) = 33.5% become moderately sick and the remaining fraction develops severe disease. An age- and risk-dependent fraction h a, r of untreated patients with severe disease needs hospitalization. An age-dependent fraction d a of hospitalized cases dies. Sources: fraction of asymptomatic cases: [11]; 50% of symptomatic cases see a doctor: [9]; hospitalizations per severe case: [9]; case fatality of hospitalized, but untreated patients calculated from [4].