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Table 4 Sojourn times

From: The influenza pandemic preparedness planning tool InfluSim

Period average duration stages coefficient of variation
Latent period D E = 1.9 days A n = 7 37.8% A
Fully contagious period    
   asymptomatic and moderately sick adults 4.1 days A m = 19 22.9% A
   others 7.0 days B m = 19 22.9% C
Period of convalescence D R = 5 days D j = 9 33.3% C
  1. Distribution of sojourn times (the last two stages of the latent period are used as early infectious period with an average duration of D L = 0.5 days). Sources:A[11], B[39, 40], Cassumed, D[41]