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Figure 1

From: The influenza pandemic preparedness planning tool InfluSim

Figure 1

InfluSim user interface. Graphical user interface of InfluSim. Parameter values can be varied within different tabs (left hand side), divided into General settings (demography by age and risk group, contact matrix, economics), Disease (sojourn times, symptoms, hospitalizations, case fatality), Contagiousness (R 0, infectivity over time and by disease severity), Treatment (therapeutic window, treatment schedules, antiviral properties), Social distancing (isolation schedules, general contact reduction, closing day care centres and schools, cancelling mass gatherings) and Costs (work loss, hospitalization, treatment). Time-dependent model output (right hand side) visualizes Infection prevalence (susceptible, exposed, asymptomatic, moderately sick, severely sick, dead, immune), Resource use (work loss, outpatients, hospital beds, antivirals), Cumulative numbers of the latter, and Costs.

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