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Figure 2

From: Parvovirus B19 infection in Tunisian patients with sickle-cell anemia and acute erythroblastopenia

Figure 2

Alignment of the partial DNA sequence of the four B19 isolates with reference strains. The partial VP1/VP2 DNA sequence (R) representing the four B19 virus isolates R1 to R4 was aligned with representative sequences of the three human parvovirus genotypes retrieved from GenBank. Accession numbers were as follows. Genotype 1: OsFr [GenBank: DQ225150.1]; Kati 4 [GenBank: AF161226.1]; AnTo [GenBank: DQ225151.1]; SN807 [GenBank: DQ225149.1]; NAN [GenBank: AY504945.1]; J35 [GenBank: AY386330.1]; B19-Au [GenBank: M13178.1]. Genotype 2: LaLi [GenBank: AY044266.1]; Berlin [GenBank: AJ717293.1]; BN31.2 [GenBank: DQ333426.1]; IM-81 [GenBank: AY903437.1]; A6c8 [GenBank: AY064476.1]. Genotype 3: V9 [GenBank: AY345134.1]; D91.1 [GenBank: AY083234.1]; BN30.3 [GenBank: DQ408305.1]; R0748 [GenBank: DQ234779.1].

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