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Table 2 Cp. psittaci reference strains

From: Use of a nested PCR-enzyme immunoassay with an internal control to detect Chlamydophila psittaciin turkeys

Strain Year Country Host Serovar Reference
VS 1 1985 USA, Georgia Amazona sp. A [34]
CP3 1957 USA, Calofornia Columba livia B [35]
GD 1960 Germany Anas platyrhynchos C [36]
NJ1 1954 USA, New Jersey Meleagris gallopavo D [37]
MN 1934 USA, California Homo sapiens a E [38]
VS225 1991 USA, Texas Parakeet F [39]
  1. a Probably originated from birds, isolated in ferrets from human [39].