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Figure 3

From: Use of a nested PCR-enzyme immunoassay with an internal control to detect Chlamydophila psittaciin turkeys

Figure 3

Different conditions observed in the nested PCR-EIA analysis of Cp. psittaci in turkey field samples. Lane 1: molecular marker (BenchTop 1 kb DNA ladder; Promega); lane 2: Cp. psittaci positive sample, showing one band (472 bp) diagnostic for Cp. psittaci and a band (703 bp) for the internal inhibition control; lane 3: Cp. psittaci negative sample, showing only the internal inhibition control band; lane 4: a sample with inhibitory substances lacking both the Cp. psittaci-specific band and the internal inhibition control band; lane 5: negative control, free from Cp. psittaci DNA and internal control DNA.

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