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Figure 2

From: Clinical outcomes in typhoid fever: adverse impact of infection with nalidixic acid-resistant Salmonella typhi

Figure 2

Antibiotic therapy and fever clearance time in a study of 60 patients with blood culture-proven typhoid fever. Numbers in parentheses represent the number of patients * 26 patients had received some antibiotic for variable duration before presentation, of which 11 patients remained febrile, even after taking fluoroquinolones for ≥ 5 days fever clearance time, presented as mean ± SD (days) other antibiotics given in combination with ceftriaxone were: ofloxacin (3 patients), amikacin (2 patients) and azithromycin (1 patient) § miscellaneous regimens were: cefixime + amoxycillin (1 patient), ceftriaxone + ofloxacin + metronidazole (1 patient) and ceftriaxone + ciprofloxacin + gentamicin (1 patient) antibiotics added were: amikacin (3 patients) and ofloxacin (2 patients) switched over to azithromycin (1 patient) and ofloxacin (1 patient)

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