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Table 1 Table 1

From: A2 gene of Old World cutaneous Leishmania is a single highly conserved functional gene

Tropism Species Strain Zymodeme Allele type GeneBank accession number
      gDNA2 mRNA Protein3
Visceral (LV) L. infantum MHOM/FR/92/ LEM2385 Cl 1 MON-29 II AY255807   AAP21103
     III AY255808   AAP21104
     IV AY255809   AAP21105
Cutaneous L. major IPAP/MA/86/ LEM898 MON-25 I.1 AF5321022 AY25581 AAM95954
   MHOM/SU/73/ 5 ASKH1 MON-4 I.2 AY185122   AAP21106
(LC) L. aethiopica MHOM/ET/72/ L1001 MON-14 I.1 AY255804   AAP21100
  L. killicki MHOM/TN/86/ LEM904- CL1 MON-8 I.1 AY255805   AAP21101
  L. tropica MHOM/SU/74/ K271 MON-60 I.1 AY255806   AAP21102
  1. 1WHO recommended reference strains. 2 Direct genomic DNA sequencing.
  2. 3Predicted protein.
  3. Strains originated from the International Leishmania Cryobank and Identification Center, Montpellier, France.