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Figure 1

From: A2 gene of Old World cutaneous Leishmania is a single highly conserved functional gene

Figure 1

PCR electrophoresis patterns. Electrophoretic patterns of PCR products obtained from crude parasite genomic DNAs using 3 mM MgCl2. A. CL isolates: 1, L. major LEM898; 2, L. major LEM134; 3, L. aethiopica LEM144; 4, L. tropica LEM419; 5, L. killicki LEM904; Light arrow: A2 gene. B. VL isolates: 1, L. infantum LEM2385-cl1; 2, L. donovani LEM3467-cl3 3; L. donovani LEM3566; square bracket: A2-gene area.

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