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Figure 2

From: A randomised controlled trial of the effects of albendazole in pregnancy on maternal responses to mycobacterial antigens and infant responses to bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG) immunisation [ISRCTN32849447]

Figure 2

Effects of maternal hookworm on responses mycobacterial antigens in mothers during pregnancy and their one-year-old infants. Effects of maternal hookworm on IFN-γ responses to culture filtrate proteins of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in (a) mothers at enrolment during pregnancy (before receiving study treatment) and (b) their one-year-old infants, who received BCG immunisation at birth. IFN-γ responses shown are net production: low-level cytokine production in un-stimulated wells was subtracted from concentrations produced in response to stimulation to give a measure of antigen-specific response. "No worms": no helminths detected in stool or blood sample from mother either in pregnancy or at delivery. "Hookworm": mother had hookworm in pregnancy. Boxes show median value, 25th and 75th centiles; whiskers show lower and upper adjacent values and dots indicate outside values. P values <0.10 (Wilcoxon's rank sum test) are shown.

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