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Figure 6

From: Emergency vaccination of rabies under limited resources – combating or containing?

Figure 6

Emergency vaccination with fixed resources. Emergency vaccination with fixed resources (R – Ring strategy, C – Circle strategy; PVacArea = 6,400, 10,800, and 16,000; 10,000 repetitions). (a) Risk of a rabies breakout of the control area with respect to the number of vaccination campaigns performed: Initially there are fewer breakouts for the ring strategy, but in the long run, the circle strategy always performs better. (b) Average number of "infected" foxes between consecutive vaccination campaigns. Only simulation runs with rabies inside the control area are considered: As the inner part of the ring is not vaccinated, the epidemic can develop inside. (c) Chance of eradication with respect to the number of vaccination campaigns performed. With circle strategy rabies was eradicated in 80% of the repetitions after three vaccination campaigns (vertical line) but never with ring strategy.

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