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Figure 5

From: Emergency vaccination of rabies under limited resources – combating or containing?

Figure 5

Examples of simulation runs. Example simulation run visualised after an infected fox was detected and the first vaccination was applied (PVacArea = 10,800; (1) – first detection of rabies set as centre of the control area, (2) – first infection of rabies). (a) Experiment 1: circle strategy. (b) Experiment 1: ring strategy. (c) Experiment 2: Ring strategy when PVacArea has been doubled. White – empty group, green – group of "susceptible" foxes, light blue – group with at least one "immune" fox, red – group with at least one "infected" fox, black – group with at least one "infectious" fox. If foxes at different states are within one cell, only the last of the list is shown.

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