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Figure 4

From: Emergency vaccination of rabies under limited resources – combating or containing?

Figure 4

Immunisation. Immunisation level found in the fox population of the model (Circle – circle strategy; Ring – ring strategy [PVacArea = 10,800]; Large-scale – vaccination of the whole region). Biannual vaccination is always performed with 50% starting in autumn and 50% in spring. (a) Development of the immunisation level in the vaccinated area over time (100 repetitions): For the large-scale vaccination, both immunisation rate per campaign and final level of population immunity correspond to field data estimated during past control programs [16,87,91-93,104]. Dispersing non-immunised foxes lower the average immunisation level in the circular and ring-shaped vaccination areas. (b) The immunisation level after 3 vaccination campaigns by distance to the centre of the control area (100 repetitions): The immunisation level is lowered at the borders of the vaccinated area.

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