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Figure 4

From: Infection of cells expressing CXCR4 mutants lacking N-glycosylation at the N-terminal extracellular domain is enhanced for R5X4-dualtropic human immunodeficiency virus type-1

Figure 4

Virus replication and CXCR4 glycosylation. GHOST cells expressing CXCR4 wt or CXCR4-g1, -g2 or -g1/g2 were infected with equal amounts of (A) the X4 tropic strain NL4-3 (0.05 ng p24 / 3 × 10e3 cells), (B) the R5X4 dual-tropic virus NL-952 (0.5 ng p24 / 3 × 10e3 cells) and (C) the R5 tropic HIV-1 NL-991 (0.5 ng p24 / 3 × 10e3 cells. Virus production was measured by a standardized p24 antigen ELISA [(OD405nm – 0,1) / 0,04 = ng p24, linear range OD405m 0,2–1,5]. Values are calculated based on two independent experiments. White symbols GHOST.CD4 cells expressing CXCR4 lacking g1, black symbols GHOST.CD4 cells expressing CXCR4 containing g1.

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