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Figure 6

From: Subdoses of 17DD yellow fever vaccine elicit equivalent virological/immunological kinetics timeline

Figure 6

Snapshot of immunological and virological biomarkers following 17DD-YF primary vaccination with different doses (27,476 IU-current; 10,447 IU; 3,013 IU; 587 IU; 158 IU and 31 IU). (A) Selection of biomarkers with equivalent kinetics timeline with viremia and PRNT [Viremia (); PRNT (); IL-8/CXCL-8 (); MCP-1/CCL-2 (); MIG/CXCL-9 (); IP-10/CXCL-10 (); TNF (), IFN-γ () and IL-2 ();IL-4 (), IL-5 () and IL-10 ()]. (B) Overlay graphs highlighting that IFN-γ and IL-10 are relevant complementary biomarkers associated with the viremia kinetics. Results are expressed as the global maximum values of each timepoint to baseline (viremia, , range 0 to 1.6E + 04 copies/mL; INF-γ, , range 0 to 4 baseline fold; IL-10, , range 0 to 2 baseline fold).

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