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Figure 4

From: Subdoses of 17DD yellow fever vaccine elicit equivalent virological/immunological kinetics timeline

Figure 4

Kinetics of pro-inflammatory cytokines following 17DD-YF primary vaccination with different doses (27,476 IU-current; 10,447 IU; 3,013 IU; 587 IU; 158 IU and 31 IU). Serum levels of the pro-inflammatory cytokines TNF (), IFN-γ () and IL-2 () were measured by cytometric beads array (CBA) as described in Methods. The colors assigned for the current dose fade away for subdoses. Results are expressed as baseline fold change of each timepoint (Serum level/D0). Kinetics profiles equivalent to current dose (27,476 IU) are highlighted by gray rectangle. The peaks of fold changes along the timeline were also taken into account as a relevant feature for equivalence assessment and highlighted by *.

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