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Figure 2

From: Deep sequencing of hepatitis C virus hypervariable region 1 reveals no correlation between genetic heterogeneity and antiviral treatment outcome

Figure 2

Heterogeneity parameters of hypervariable region 1 population in responders and non-responders to treatment. The figure reports the distribution of several parameters describing the heterogeneity of the viral population assessed on hypervariable region 1 by means of massively parallel sequencing and reconstruction of the haplotypes. The results are reported by only considering variants of ≥1%, ≥2% and ≥5% frequency. The horizontal lines, boxes and whiskers indicate the median, IQR (inter-quartile range) and the values within 1.5 × IQR, respectively. Open triangles represent mean values. R- responders, NR – non-responders to treatment, NS-not significant.

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