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Table 1 The contemporary vaccine and wild-type strains circulated during the three consecutive influenza seasons used in this study

From: Geographical heterogeneity and influenza infection within households

Strain 2008-2009(1st Year) 2009-2010(2nd Year) 2010-2011(3rd Year)
Vaccine strain    
H1N1 A/Brisbane/59/2007 A/Brisbane/59/2007  
pdmH1N120092   A/California/07/2009 A/California/07/2009
H3N2 A/Brisbane/10/2007 A/Brisbane/10/2007 A/Perth/16/2009
flu B B/Florida/4/2006(Y)1 B/Brisbane/60/2008(V)1 B/Brisbane/60/2008(V)
Wildtype strain    
H1N1 A/Taiwan/606/2008   
pdmH1N120092   A/California/07/2009 A/Taiwan/5506/2010
H3N2 A/Taiwan/736/2008 A/Taiwan/480/2008 A/Taiwan/3869/2010
  A/Taiwan/480/2008 A/Taiwan/736/2008 A/Taiwan/3814/2011
flu B B/Taiwan/29/2008(Y) B/Taiwan/5908/2009(V) B/Taiwan/3591/2010(V)
  1. 1Y refer to Yamagada lineage and V refer to Victoria lineage.
  2. 2pdmH1N12009: pandemic H1N1 in 2009.