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Couples infected with hepatitis viruses and assisted reproductive technologies: management and outcome


How do infected couples (one or both partners) with hepatitis viruses and infertility achieve pregnancies? We need to assess the quality of embryos, sperm and pregnancies rates.


We performed a retrospective study in our clinic over a period of 5 years. We selected all couples infected with hepatitis viruses (one or both partners) that underwent an in vitro fertilization procedure or intrauterine insemination. We studied pregnancy rates, birth rates compared to a control group and quality of embryos and sperm (in infected males).


The sperm parameters are lower in infected men when compared to the control group and there are fewer embryos for the infected couples, but pregnancies rates are comparable between the two groups.


All infected couples should have access to reproductive techniques with normal pregnancy rates.

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Correspondence to Andreea Velişcu.

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