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Table 4 Adjusted odds ratios and accuracy parameters for dengue diagnosis of multiple logistic regression models according to the range of included data (clinical only or clinical and laboratory)

From: Clinical and laboratory features that discriminate dengue from other febrile illnesses: a diagnostic accuracy study in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  Adjusted diagnostic odds ratio Sensitivity Specificity
  OR 95%CI % 95%CI % 95%CI
Model 1 - Clinical data only       
 History of Rash 3.84 1.54–10.24 84.6 46.8–93.0 66.7 38.6–78.8
 Conjunctival redness 4.05 1.69–10.31     
Model 2 - Clinical and laboratory data       
 Conjunctival redness 4.1 1.61–11.22 80.8 59.6–94.6 71.1 53.3–84.4
 Leukocytes (ln)a 0.13 0.04–0.34     
  1. NOTE. – OR: odds ratio; 95% CI: 95% confidence interval. a Effect for each unit of natural logarithm of leukocyte count.