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Figure 4

From: Extended antigen sparing potential of AS03-adjuvanted pandemic H1N1 vaccines in children, and immunological equivalence of two formulations of AS03-adjuvanted H1N1 vaccines: results from two randomised trials

Figure 4

Local and general solicited symptoms in children. Total vaccinated cohort within 7 days after vaccination in children 3-<6 years (A) and in children 6-9 years (B). Vertical lines show 95% CIs. Grade 3 was defined as: pain - cries when limb is moved/spontaneously painful; redness or swelling >100 mm; Fever: oral/axillary temperature ≥39.0°C; In addition, in children 3- < 6 years: Irritability - crying that cannot be comforted/prevents normal activity; Drowsiness - prevents normal activity; Loss of appetite - not eating at all. In children 6-9 years: all other symptoms - prevents normal activity. See Table 1 for details of treatment groups in each study.

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