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Figure 2

From: Prospective cohort study of HIV incidence and molecular characteristics of HIV among men who have sex with men(MSM) in Yunnan Province, China

Figure 2

Network diagram of 7 HIV seroconverted MSM and the detected HIV transmission pairs. The three triangles in the diagram represent main locations in which MSM seek homosexual partners(triangle A: Internet; triangle B: Bathing room/sauna/ massage room; triangle C: Bar/night club/tearoom). The seven circles represent HIV antibody seroconverted MSM with the HIV-1 subtype of CRF01_AE and the two rectangles represent MSM with the HIV-1 subtype of CRF_07BC. Two HIV transmission pairs ([220287 vs. 220023] and [220141 vs. 220169]) were detected based on the phylogenetic analyses method. Their transmission relationship was confirmed by further conducted epidemiological survey.

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