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Table 1 AI Knowledge and preventive practices among poultry workers (N = 96)

From: Knowledge, attitudes and practices related to avian influenza among poultry workers in Nepal: a cross sectional study

Variables Knowledge1 Practices2
  % %
Wash hands with soap and water 88.5 100
Use face masks 53.1 27.1
Use gloves 68.8 30.2
Use special boots or boot covers 15.6 7.3
Use special body garments 8.3 3.1
Wash and disinfect utensils 28.1 40.6
Wash and disinfect surfaces 22.9 40.6
  1. 1Percentage of poultry workers naming the specific behaviour when asked to list all protective practices against AI
  2. 2Percentage of poultry workers indicating they were always or often using this practice