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Table 3 Definition of the phylogenetic sublineages of the 260M. tuberculosis isolates from Beijing.

From: Genetic diversity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates from Beijing, China assessed by Spoligotyping, LSPs and VNTR profiles

Sublineage Spoligotyping LSP IS6110 in NTF
  RD105 RD181  
G1 G1-1 Beijing family Deletion Intact Ancient
G1-2 Beijing family Deletion Deletion Ancient
G1-3 Beijing family Deletion Deletion Modern
G2 Non-Beijing Intact --- ---
G3 Non-Beijing Intact --- ---
G4 Non-Beijing Intact --- ---
  1. * In RD105 and RD181 columns, ‘1’ means the RD is intact; ‘0’ means the RD is deleted.